Raising Raiders would like to take this oppportunity to introduce you to one of our biggest supporters: Bill Teel from Teel Technologies. Bill Teel started in the data forensic field in 2003 representing a SIM card reader that was used to investigate IED attacks in Iraq. He was inspired by the success. Teel went on to create Teel Technologies in 2006 as a one-stop shop for digital forensic tools. He has supported the SOF community ever since by trying to find the best technology for our operatives to use. In true patriot fashion, Teel is driven by wanting the best for our troops. For Teel that means acting as a conduit of good technology that is affordable and useful, and to educate how to use it effectively. At Teel Tech results are more important than money. “I absolutely despise those in the industry who just sell to the government to make a buck. I’m a taxpayer like everyone else, and I want our people to get the best gear because, in part, I’m paying for it.” Said Bill Teel.
Teel Tech supports the MARSOC community, and all SOF by bringing technology that allows them to collect and analyze data as easily and effectively as possible, with minimal expertise. There’s an increasing amount of data out there that needs to be acquired, but the same amount of time in the day. Additionally, we need more operatives doing this work than we have specialists who can do it. This presents a challenge to Teel Tech; one they are equipped to deal with: They make the kit as easy as possible to use. “So, my goal is to make everyone a collector and more people skilled in the field of data forensics in the field. I believe the more opportunities we have to pull in data and make the necessary connections, the greater success we’ll have of getting the bad guys.” Said Bill Teel.

Not only is Teel Tech an unwavering supporter of the SOF community, they are also an incredibly generous supporter of Raising Raiders. Teel Technologies was Raising Raiders, Raider Ball main sponsor, we can not tell you how much we appreciate your support and thank you for all you have done for us and our community!

You can visit the Teel Technologies website at: Teel Tech

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