Hi ladies-

Thank you to those who are using the Volunteer Lounge! Please let us know what we can do to make it more user friendly!!

A few updates…

We have a bunch of new merchandise coming in over the next few weeks. Shirts will be in soon and recently we have also gotten in custom etched 11oz & 20oz glasses, as well as the rubber band bracelets and we are getting custom RR patches!! Please share the posts when we get new merch. in from the RR page so we can spread the word about the awesome new stuff we are getting in.

Grants given since the new year:

*College Tuition Support

*Grand School Internship Support

*Art Classes

*Baseball league for 2 kids

*Support for a MARSOC family with a very sick baby

*Service K9 for a formor MARSOC Marine

….in the works to possibly support

*baby blankets for the 2D Marine Raider Btl. Baby Shower

*Pendants for ITC wives @ graduation

Events coming up…

– Kids Club Easter Egg Hunt: March 12 from 1-3 @ Stump Sound Park

– Marine Raider March will come into town on March 22. We can ruck the last 4 miles with them. If you are interested in participating please let me know…I think I will be in town…SO WHO IS IN WITH ME??!! 🙂

– Volunteer Mixer: April 7th from 6-9 at the Mimosa Bay Club House. Please make sure you have invited all your local FB friends to the FB event and encourage them to attend to learn more about RR even if they don’t plan on volunteering, information is power. I hope you all plan on attending as well. Please make sure you get in contact with Simrin if you are incase she has a plan for those to man a station/talk.

– Raider Ball: May 28th. Tickets will go on sale (hopefully) March 20th.

– Moe’s Giveback dinner to RR. Please look out for the flyer.

A few reminders from me…

– if you have something you need from me and we have a phone conversation about it, PLEASE email a follow up as a reminder. As we all have a lot of personal stuff going on, I have that coupled with trying to keep up with each and every one of you! Its flippin’ tough, haha!

– please make sure you make a monthly meeting with me each month to keep the work flow moving and if you interact with any other area make sure you meet with them monthly as well.

– WE NEED HELP WITH SPONSORSHIP FOR THE RAIDER BALL. If you know of any local business that would like to do a table sponsorship please have them see me, Simone, Brittany or Nicole. Sponsorships start as low as $50 up to a full table for $250. This should not be so hard to fund this event and I know that we all could be doing a better job at helping to fund this event.

– Please share the shit out of the Mission: Welcome Home short film. We are in the final days of fundraising and they are only 50% funded.

–Thanks so much for all your help. Let me know if you need anything..ENJOY the wonderful weather 🙂


ps. if you have read this update please comment with your name.

pss. if you have anything that I left off please post in the comment section

Sponsor Highlight: Teel Technologies

Raising Raiders would like to take this oppportunity to introduce you to one of our biggest supporters: Bill Teel from Teel Technologies. Bill Teel started in the data forensic field in 2003 representing a SIM card reader that was used to investigate IED attacks in Iraq. He was inspired by the success. Teel went on to create Teel Technologies in 2006 as a one-stop shop for digital forensic tools. He has supported the SOF community ever since by trying to find the best technology for our operatives to use. In true patriot fashion, Teel is driven by wanting the best for our troops. For Teel that means acting as a conduit of good technology that is affordable and useful, and to educate how to use it effectively. At Teel Tech results are more important than money. “I absolutely despise those in the industry who just sell to the government to make a buck. I’m a taxpayer like everyone else, and I want our people to get the best gear because, in part, I’m paying for it.” Said Bill Teel.
Teel Tech supports the MARSOC community, and all SOF by bringing technology that allows them to collect and analyze data as easily and effectively as possible, with minimal expertise. There’s an increasing amount of data out there that needs to be acquired, but the same amount of time in the day. Additionally, we need more operatives doing this work than we have specialists who can do it. This presents a challenge to Teel Tech; one they are equipped to deal with: They make the kit as easy as possible to use. “So, my goal is to make everyone a collector and more people skilled in the field of data forensics in the field. I believe the more opportunities we have to pull in data and make the necessary connections, the greater success we’ll have of getting the bad guys.” Said Bill Teel.

Not only is Teel Tech an unwavering supporter of the SOF community, they are also an incredibly generous supporter of Raising Raiders. Teel Technologies was Raising Raiders, Raider Ball main sponsor, we can not tell you how much we appreciate your support and thank you for all you have done for us and our community!

You can visit the Teel Technologies website at: Teel Tech


Hey ladies-

I am way behind on the monthly update. With the holidays last month and gearing up for this month…I am in relaxation mode…as you all should be also!

Just a few things from me to you (as I did not bother anyone to add to this update, haha)

1-    Annual General Meeting (AGM):  This meeting is very important to make time for. If you are part of the Executive Personnel there will be a meeting Friday, January 8th @ 6:30- 8:15ish. Location will be determined. NO KIDS (this meeting could be shorter if everyone comes prepared with ideas, questions and ready work, listen, and go through the agenda only. I will send out the agenda a few days prior so you can review to mentally prepare) Simrin, I would like for you to attend this meeting if you are considering taking on the Volunteer Coordinator role.

2-   Annual General Meeting for all: this meeting will be Saturday, January 9th. Information will be sent out closer. The thought is that it will be at Mimosa Bay Club House from mid-morning till early afternoon.

3-    If you have not sent your budget to Lynn yet YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE… and it must be submitted by WEDNESDAY, December 16th (a month after deadline). After that your budget will not be accepted.

4-  Please email agenda items by December 18th for the AGM Meeting. If you do not submit these to me by the deadline your items will not be discussed.

5-   Raising Raiders knows how important holidays and family time is, with that we have decided that all work must be completed by December 19th and will not pick back up till January 4th. This means that all posts HAVE to be scheduled out for that time, all solicitation must stop-this is for you and the families/businesses you would be approaching as they are not worried about that till the new year, all blogs need to scheduled out and reviewed.

If you have concerns or questions about this please email me asap so that we can help you prepare to stop work till 01/04/2016.

Kids club had a great turn out for the holiday event at Mike’s Farm. Thanks Tiffany for setting that up.


We are working on getting a bigger storage unit that we will most likely move into the week I am in town (Jan. 5th-10th).  If anyone wants to help that would be great. Please let me know, kids not welcome.


Fundraisers going on:

Moe’s is giving RR $1 from every bowl of soup sold at two locations….everyone loves soup right??!! haha



Who wants to help me draft an end of the year newsletter and start templates for the next year of newsletters? I want to make sure the kids club ones go out every 2 months as they are supposed to as per our KC agreements. I would like to work on that this week. Please let me know asap who will help.


I don’t think there is much else…if I have forgotten something please let me know and I will be happy to add an amended section below with all your items.

Love you all & Happy Holidays!


November 6th, 2015

Hope you all had a great Halloween and are enjoying your kids candy treasures. Don’t feel bad…we all hide in the closet and eat their candy 🙂

Please note the upcoming November events:

November 18th: Volunteers Mixer @ 5:30pm – Email for location as I have not been informed of that information.

CANCELLATION: ABY Run- This year the run has been canceled. Regretfully, we have decided to cancel this year’s Always Beside You 5K Memorial Run due to low participation and registration (7 participants in a 6 week period). Having said that, the Raising Raiders Board has also chosen not to continue this event in the future. Don’t worry though – we have some amazing ideas for other events and give backs to support our community! Further discussion of that will happen once we nail down some of the finer details!


I have been working my hardest to fund the ball this year entirely. If anyone is willing to solicit for a day I can do any weekdays after November 15 from 10am-1pm. Interested volunteers can send me an email to set up a date. (

Simrin had the amazing idea to have a local acapella group sing during cocktail hour and dinner. The meeting was this past Wednesday, her idea will also be saving us a significant amount of money for the Raider Ball. Its great ideas like this that help us save money and put it into other things the perfect the Raider Ball. Thank You Simrin!

Deana Bowen has been locked on as a $1000 year long sponsor. Thank you to all who helped make this possible. The more support we show for our sponsors the more likely they are to return the following year. Even if you just pop your head intobake shop or office and just say you’re with Raising Raiders and thank you it will help.

On October 15, Frankie, Simone, and I attended Rocktoberfest with SOAR 4 Veterans. They have kindly donated $250 from the proceeds of the event to Raising Raiders. They are our biggest fans and want to continue to work with us in the future.

October 31, Brittany and I were at the Trick or Treat in Kiwanis park. WE gave out candy and information to over 150 different families, it was an amazing networking opportunity.

Moe’s Southwest Grill has agreed all winter they will be donating $1 from every bowl of soup sold to Raising Raiders….You all LOVE soup right!!?? Also, I am working with Lucas from Islands to set up a give back night in 2016.


Please use the social media request form on volunteers lounge. (This is being reworked as I found while trying to submit a post to Brittany that is is actually only functional for events- Abby)

My new email is


New merchandise should start to come in around the new year. I have been in contact with 2 shirt vendors, a vendor for coins, The Blasting Cabinet for either glasses, shot glasses or highball glasses… and Silent Milada’s will be making Aluminum Cuffs! These cuffs will say “Always Beside You” with a spade stamped on the inside. They will NOT be numbered. If you have any ideas OR a contact please send me an email at


Kids Club Holiday Event-

Friday, December 4th @ 6pm. Mikes Farm :Hotdog Roast w/hayride. Raising Raiders Kids Club will be hosting 30 paid children for this event. Tell your friends to sign up for Kids Club if they have not. Make sure you have signed up as well. Parents a responsible for their own payment. 25 must be signed up prior NLT NOVEMBER 25th for Mikes Farm to allow us to host this event.


The first meeting of the 2016 Raider Ball took place on Thursday, November 29. At this meeting, we nailed down what has already been done in the planning process of this event, as well as what still needs to be done. The committee members who were present at the meeting were tasked out. The next meeting will take place in December. After the new year, meetings will be held for this event every 3 weeks via Google Hangout – except for the site visit – until the event gets closer. In the last month or so, please expect bi-weekly or weekly meetings leading up to the event date. Further details of the meeting to come in Meeting Recap email.

Recap of Sip, Swap & Shop – Big thank you to everyone who came out in support of this event. Whether you were on the committee, part of the setup/breakdown crew, recruited friends and neighbors to attend, or donated a dress, your efforts are so greatly appreciated. This event was a success, even with a date change and rushed setup time working against us. We raised a grand total of just over $1,100.00 and it could not have been done without each one of you. I have no doubt that next year’s SSS will be bigger and better! A survey is being sent out this coming week to all that attended; Vendors, Guests and YOU 🙂 Please make sure you take the time to respond as this helps us to ensure each event gets better every times it planned.


If anyone is interested in helping with the blog please contact me. I am looking for writers. Not all blog topics are yucky…We need some funny ones too…send me an email with your interests so I can pair you with topics


Budgets MUST be emailed to be NTL November 10th @ 5pm. If you have not started you have plenty of time. You are to only work on a budget for your job. Please remember this is a request not a guarantee and please provide any necessary documents to plead your cases for new or what seems to be excessive spending 🙂


If you plan on assisting with the needs of fundraising or soliciting for anything please remember that unless you have SIGNED paperwork we do not consider that concrete. Once you have signed paperwork please scan a photo to Simone and I for records and Simone will then take over as the POC.

It was brought up that some of us were unsure of how event funding works. I wanted to take a minute to explain. Each event that Simone puts on is SOLEY funded by sponsors. Her events are not funded by ANY of the funds that are currently held in the Raising Raiders account. This is why is it so important that we have funding. We do not assist with event funding so that we have a huge amount of funding to support the missions of Raising  Raiders and the MARSOC community.

Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions you have about the way Raising Raiders operates if we have forgotten to cover it. This is not in any way on purpose, but an oversight on our end. We are happy to explain and hear your thoughts on how we could function better!

Have a great month!!

<3 Abby


October 20th, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Raising Raiders now has a Volunteer Lounge for you all to get current information, monthly reminders, a place to review the volunteer handbook, meeting minutes and solicitation packages if you wish to help with soliciting.

Let me start by updating everyone on some changes with personnel and their positions.

Shiang-Ling is now working solely within her job of PR & Marketing. She is not the lead for social media anymore. She will be writing press releases, sponsor packages, some blogging, and crafting our new media package for corporate companies. She will handle all social calendars which help spread the word to the local community about our events as well. There will be more she is taking on, but those are the major things for now.

Brittany is now handling ALL social media. She is drafting and posting on the RR facebook as well as the event facebook pages. She will be assisting with the blog as well. Brittany will be taking on Wreaths Across America and other online social media campaigns. She is taking twitter and instagram on as well. If you have content for a post, a blog entry, a correction to be made, a reminder to do with social media, please contact Brittany directly at

Sarah has a new email, you can reach her at Sarah is working on some prices and ideas for merchandise for the 2016 year. If you have ideas or contacts please pass that along to Sarah. We are working on a bunch of merchandise ideas, but to name a few… coins, shirts/apparel, decals, koozies. There are a few more ideas, these are the major ones.

Nicole is the only one currently trying to lock on sponsors for all events/year long. If you don’t like to solicit, but have contacts or ideas please email her at If you would like to help Raising Raiders solicit, please email her. You don’t have to solicit for each event. If you have a passion for one event over another and would only like to assist with that event that is perfectly fine.

Rachel is looking to step down from her role as volunteer coordinator. Raising Raiders would like to promote from within prior to looking outside the charity, if anyone is interested in becoming the Volunteer Coordinator please let Rachel or I know and we can go over what your role and responsibilities would entail. Please note this would be an Executive Personnel position, not a Board Member position. You can reach Rachel at to find out more about this position.

Upcoming Events/Volunteer Opportunities


  • Saturday, October 24, 2015
  • 9:00am  2:00pm
  • Ogden Tap Room7324 Market St Wilmington Nc
  • Still looking for 1-2 volunteers. Please email Rachel @ if you can help for a few hours. This is not an all day event and you can work as many as you have to give.


  • Sunday, October 25, 2015
  • 1:30pm  5:00pm
  • 102 N Shore Dr Surf City, NC, 28445
  • Simone will be emailing out what she needs in the way of volunteers by end of day tomorrow (Wednesday). If you are looking to help with this event please email Simone AND Rachel.


  • Saturday, October 31, 2015
  • 5:00pm  8:00pm
  • Kiwanas Park
  • Nicole is working this event to help spread work about Raising Raiders. Lauren has volunteered to assist this event as well. If you would like to help, please let Rachel AND Nicole know.


  • Sunday, November 15, 2015

  • 1:00pm  5:00pm

  • Coastal Plains Raceway4744 Richlands Highway Jacksonville, NC, 28540

  • This event currently has only ONE registered participant. Please make sure you are spreading the word through sharing the run through social media. The minimum amount we will have to host this event is 40. If there are not 40 participates by end of day 11/2 this event will be canceled and WILL NOT be rescheduled.

I want to THANK Sarah and Lauren for attending a dinner this past weekend in behalf of Raising Raiders. This dinner was brought to us the week prior and they stepped up to support Raising Raiders. The dinner was hosted by the Knights of Columbus. This event was a pre paid dinner where two charities would speak as to there good works and the attendees would then write checks to the charity which they are most compelled to give to. This event was a big “to do.” They served a 4 course meal with 4 main plate choices as well as multiple dessert choices, salad and soup. Lauren and Sarah’s attendance and knowledge of Raising Raiders was able to bring in $1,600!!!! That is more then any one past Gown Swaps or Run have ever made. You ladies are WONDERFUL…..THANK YOU!!!!

Sip, Swap and Shop Committee-

Thank you all for your hard work! I know that changing the event date has messed with some of your plans for this coming weekend. You all have done a great job to utilize the existing decorations and keep costs low, while still being able to provide a great event that I am sorry I will be missing!

Always Beside You Run Committee-

Thank you for pushing forward through the rocky start to get this event where it should be! Leah was able to lock on the pizza and Sarah found a great deal with a local business for shirts! I am so excited to see all your hard work and know that we really appreciate the time you have taken from yourself and your families to help support this event.

Kids Club-

Kids Club held there first event recently. It was a HUGE success. Thank you Tiffany for stepping up, taking Kids Club on and not backing down when things seemed like it might not turn out so well. You are exactly the right person for this position and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2016 Kids Club!

Please make sure to sign you own children up with Kids Club if you have not. They need to be enrolled to participate in events are they will need a Kids Club Card and have to be enrolled to get one.

Annual General Meeting

This year will be first year for anyone holding a titled position to have to submit there projected/requested budget for 2016. In the past the Board just set the budget, however with all the help and new roles being taken on we feel the best people to assist in the 2016 budget are those holding the positions. Please have your budget requests to Lynn @ to her NO LATER THAN- November 10th @ 5pm. Please include all aspects you feel need to be financially supported that directly support your position (marketing materials, stamps, merchandise, event costs, shipping, kids club mail stuffers, website ect…) anything you feel will be needed to preform your job. Please have supporting reasons/ price quotes for anything new/excessive amounts of funding. If you hold the positions below you will be required to submit your annual budget request.



Social Media Manager

PR & Marketing

Fundraising Coordinator

Merchandise Manager

Kids Club Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator


NOTE: if you do not submit your requests by the deadline, you will not be asked again. Your budget will be based off of last year projections and this years needs and will be decided upon by the Board. It is your responsibility to make sure you have what you need/are requesting for 2016.


– Please send your volunteer agreement paperwork into Rachel if you still have not asap. This is mandatory to volunteer with Raising Raiders.

-Raising Raiders is alway looking for more volunteers. If you have any friends that are interested but are worried about the commitment please ensure them there are many ways to volunteer, and day of help is always needed and appreciated for any events we host or are on our behalf.

– Please make sure I have all your updated email and address information. If you would please email that information in the next week so I can ensure our files are accurate I would appreciate that .


Thank you all for what you do for Raising Raiders. I was at an Amish Country Store yesterday and saw a sign that said this “Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.”

Please make sure you are letting each other know not just when we need to work harder, but also when you are grateful for someones help.

Please make sure you are sharing these things with each other. We all have the tendency to complain about one another at times, we are not perfect. I know I can personally be a pain…and I’m ok with that. I am also ok that I know things are said behind by back in frustration….however make sure you are also telling each other the great things too. As well let me please remind you that if you have issues with someone, the way they are treating you, others or the charity please find a polite way to address them directly. There should be no tension as we have to work together. Be able to separate your friendships and work for the betterment of Raising Raiders and your own health.

I try to live by the rule…and have told my own mother this…you have no right to complain about someone, or there actions if you can not tell them about the issue. If all you are going to do is complain about them behind there back how do you expect for anything to change? If you can’t confront it, get over it.

I don’t know anyone in this charity that would intentionally do something to make another person upset or mad. Remember the only one disappointed is you when you set expectations that others can’t keep…especially if they don’t know you have set expectations.

You are all so great to work with and I want this to continue! Please be kind and sensitive to other while being direct to resolve any misunderstandings. We should be setting the example of lifting each other up and not tearing each other down by belittlement.

Hope you all have a great week. Let me know if you need anything!

<3 Abby

A Note From Your New Kids Club Coordinators

Dear Kids Club Families,

Thank you so much for your patience with Kids Club during our recent transitions. We appreciate all your support and are happy to be implementing some exciting changes and bringing fun new events to you in the near future!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person at our next event, but until then, here’s a little bit about us, your new Kids Club Coordinators!

Kristina Pirman grew up with an active duty Air Force father and lived all over the U.S. She and her husband have been at Camp Lejeune for 7 years, the longest she’s lived anywhere! Her husband joined MARSOC in 2012 and they have since welcomed two little girls into their family. Kristina stays home with her girls, but prior to becoming a mom, she was a patient advocacy and customer relations manager at a very busy medical practice.

Lindsey Schneider is a North Carolina native and has been married to her husband for seven years. They have two young daughters and joined the MARSOC community in the summer of 2015. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Lindsey worked as a Child Life Specialist, first in a children’s hospital in Northern Virginia, and then at the Child Advocacy Center of Onslow County.

We are both so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Raising Raiders organization and look forward to working hard to bring wonderful opportunities to the children and families of Kids Club!

We want to make sure we have the most current information on our Kids Club families! We know some of you have moved, added new members to your family, or had other life changes, so please help us stay up-to-date and ensure you receive all the latest info on Kids Club by filling out this New Membership Form

We would love to hear from you about how Kids Club can best support your family. Please contact us anytime with your suggestions or ideas and questions! You can e-mail us at or call us at (910) 467-8595.

The best from our families to yours,
Lindsey & Kristina

What’s In Store For Kids Club?

Recently joined Kids Club and wondering what to expect? Or maybe you’ve been a member for a while and are wondering what you can expect from your new Coordinators? Here’s a look at what we have planned!

New Membership Cards
Our membership cards have been updated with our new Kids Club logo! We are simplifying things for our member families as well by issuing just one card per family, rather than one card per member. New cards will be mailed out to each family in mid-August, once we have received your updated information on our new membership form, or provided to you at the Back-To-School Bash if you attend!

Secret Facebook Group
Look for an invite to a secret Facebook group just for Kids Club families! We’ll share our events, ideas and inspiration, resources and much more!

We’re planning exciting events just for our Kids Club Members and their families, starting with our Back-To-School Bash! We hope to see you there!

Monthly Newsletters
Newsletters delivered to your inbox, filled with
info about Kids Club events and sponsors, local
resources, military-kid-friendly ideas and
activities, Kids Club member recognition, and
lots of other great content!

New Sponsors
We are working hard to expand the list of businesses in our area who recognize and reward the sacrifices made by the children of MARSOC service members.

Special Birthday Surprises
Start looking for a special Kids Club birthday surprise around your child’s birthday!

Have an idea for an event for Kids Club or for content for our newsletter? Know of a local kid-friendly business you’d love to see added to our sponsor list? Have other suggestions or questions? PLEASE e-mail or call and let us know!

Fun Ways to Support Kids Club!

We’re partnering with great local businesses, like Chipotle and Dyal Photography, to bring exciting FUNdraisers your way that will help support Kids Club and allow us to continue to provide support, encouragement, and child-friendly activities to our members! Be on the lookout for more information on these fundraisers soon!

That’s all for this month! We hope you enjoy these last few days of July and we look forward to seeing you at our Back-To-School Bash!

Raider Ball 2016


Fun was had by all at Raising Raiders’ 3rd Annual Raider Ball, as the Raider community gathered together to honor the legacy of Marine Raiders, and remember the brave service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice over Memorial Day weekend, 2016. The Raider Ball is a fundraiser hosted by Hampstead-based nonprofit organization, Raising Raiders.
The fundraiser was attended by current active duty Raiders, as well as MARSOC alumni, supporters, family, and friends.

The mood was set for the 1940’s themed event under a white tent adorned with edison bulb string lights, handmade Americana centerpieces, and music reminiscent of the age of Edson’s and Carlson’s Raiders, with the U.S.S. North Carolina as the backdrop.

The night began with hand-passed hors d’oeuvres and pictures in front of the decommissioned Battleship by Diana Yntemna of Diana Rose Photography, as the sun set into the Cape Fear River, and continued with a buffet meal provided by Diamond Cateringof Wilmington NC, a motivating and uplifting speech by retired Navy Seal and author, Dick Couch, and popular music played by DJ Ash Bof Wilmington.

Thank You!

The Raider Ball was an incredibly memorable and successful event! We raised a total of $18,235, and everyone had an amazing time! We would like to thank all of our sponsors for all of their generosity, especially Teel Tech, Raising Raiders main event sponsor.

Raising Raiders is a nonprofit organization based in Hampstead, NC, that supports the families of MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) through their Always Beside You Grant. This grant provides academic, extracurricular, and career enhancing opportunities to spouses and children of MARSOC Marines and Sailors. In addition, the Always Beside You Grant provides emergency financial assistance to MARSOC families in need, and medical support to MARSOC service members where there are gaps in military health care coverage. The goal of Raising Raiders is to empower and encourage the personal and professional advancement of active duty and retired MARSOC families by helping them to thrive despite the daily hardships that come along with being part of a high-tempo command.