Trey was inspired by the heroic acts of his brave brothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. He wanted to honor these men & support their families while inspiring the next generation. Many of these stories are unknown even within the MARSOC, Recon and Sniper communities. This book will be a way to share their stories of sacrifice in a respectful & honorable way.

Each chapter will be authored by an operator who was very close to the fallen hero. One who witnessed him in combat multiple times, and who would have been on the battlefield with him the day the hero lost his life. After combat experiences are shared, the chapter will move into stories from the hero’s family, and how they remember the fallen hero. In the closing of the book there will be a chapter about how these men have been honored. The book will have roughly 15-20 fallen men. These authors will predominately all come from the United States Marine Corps and Navy ranks, and are categorized in the Marine Raider and Recon & Sniper community

The first book will have 15 authors with 20 fallen heroes spanning the Raider, Recon & Sniper Community. A few of the heroes and authors are listed below.

Joe Bell will be authoring MSgt John Hayes

Kip Small will be authoring MSgt Jon Gifford

Anthony Hattar will be authoring Sgt Justin Hansen

The intent is to have follow on volumes to continue to honor all of our fallen heroes in the Raider and Recon communities.

Trey selected to work with three foundations. He says he selected to work with these foundations because they are trusted foundations. They do everything they can for the families of fallen heroes, they aren’t making a living off of this but doing it out of passion, and they are close personal friends.

There are about 60 people all working in synergy to make this project reality. They all have the same passion and drive to honor our countries fallen treasures.