Who is Raising Raiders?

We are a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving the Marines, Sailors, and families of Marine Special Operations Command. We remain ‘Always Beside You’ while providing support to those in our community. As a small nonprofit, we are able to quickly respond to urgent needs of our community by providing financial assistance. Our volunteers are actively involved in the community we serve, and as such, they are privy to these unique situations when someone in our community is in need. We are able to accomplish our mission by hosting three annual events (in addition to third party fundraisers) which bring in a portion of funding sustaining our programs for the benefit of MARSOC families.

We remain ‘Always Beside You’ while providing support to those in our community.

How We Support Our Community

We have identified specific areas of need that exist in our community. These needs are what we strive to meet for the community. They include but are not limited to:

– support for children in activities that promote growth, stability, as well as social and emotional functioning

– minimize negative impact of military lifestyle by providing positive experiences

– encourage and assist spousal education or career advancement opportunities

– promote mental, physical and emotional well-being of spouses

– improve resilience of our MARSOC families through our events and outreach programs

– advocate for the military caregivers by raising awareness, as many MARSOC families have been affected by PTSD and TBI and other mental health issues

– provide a voice to be heard for the community through our blog.

– nurture a sense of culture and community.

Our Mission Statement

Raising Raiders lightens the load by providing financial assistance to current and prior Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) families. Our assistance spans professional certifications to summer camp to medical expenses, anything to enrich the lives of those who have and continue to fight for our freedom. We support, empower, and encourage the personal and professional advancement of MARSOC spouses and children.